Many Black men have dreams of becoming a lawyers, doctors, politicians, etc. We know it will not be easy, but we prepare for the challenge. Growing up in a poor neighborhood with poor representation where we face discrimination and violence from an early age. We work hard in school, despite the lack of resources and support. We apply for several schools, but we’re often rejected based on the bias of the people reading our applications – some people don’t even get past the name. If ever a time we are accepted, we are forced to take out huge loans (2 – 3x the norm) to pay for tuition and living expenses.

Some people think things get better for Black men once we graduated college and get a degree, but they are wrong. We struggle to find employment in the competitive and biased job market. If hired at a company, we face constant microaggressions and stereotypes from our colleagues and clients. We have to work twice as hard, but we are still paid less and are overlooked for promotions. Black men often feel isolated and frustrated, but we don’t give up.

The men that join Black MEN Network have a sense of belonging and understanding. We are a network of strong intelligent Black men that support each other and advocated for social justice. We volunteer with community level organizations that helped low-income and marginalized communities. We mentor young Black students wanting to pursue professional careers. The members find meaning and purpose in helping those going through similar experiences.

Being a Black man should never be an extra price or cause us to sacrifice health and happiness. We deserve proper representation and equal treatment. We realize that being a Black man in society is a constant challenge, but it’s also a source of strength and resilience. Just because it is that way does not mean we can’t change it. This is why we came together. We are determined to see this change, and we won’t stop until it does. 

And, that’s why Black MEN Network.