Our Pledge


At the rate of destruction, in the next 10 years the concept of manhood will be extinct or controlled to the point of slavery. We, at Black MEN Network, refuse to allow that to happen. In response to the overwhelming changes in our society, we have decided to be the source of positive change.


History has done everything it can to defeat our men. A criminal justice system that is designed to target and terrorize people based on race and gender. Because the mass killing of our men (Gendercide) was not moving fast enough, they have begun to target our children. This will eliminate or suppress the changes of our boys ever becoming men. Over the past decade, boys have become the target of a mass male destruction that impacts all races, starting with the Black male.


Black MEN Network, Intelligence Working Together, and The Unified Black Society have created a program that is designed to help all people everywhere, no matter what skin they are in. This program is so comprehensive that it can be applied to any man or boy, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or preference. The program also takes our women and girls into account. If this program is properly applied, it will not only build stronger men, it will also assistance the women and girls in recognizing and distinguishing real men from any other variation thereof. This program is also designed to assist single mothers. If used properly, this program will be a great tool to help anyone turn a boy into a man.

It is clear that we have to be the source of the change we want to see. Because we set the standard for manhood, we will make that change for everyone. Thereby, ensuring the future has freedom for everyone, no matter what skin you’re in.

Organizational Goals

  1. Build and maintain global partnerships for world-wide solutions

  2. Partner with other networks to provide positive solutions

  3. Develop organizational leadership abilities in the next generation

  4. Increase community outreach and organizational reliability

  5. Invest in tools and skills to increase competitive productivity

  6. Create a performance focused culture with nonperishable skills

  7. Diversify and grow revenue streams

Unite all People

If there is one thing this country has taught me, it’s that people have ability to unite in strength, love, and common cause. The secret to life is living towards your best self because there is nothing better in life than living – God’s greatest gift, freely given. We all need to know this, as it is the one thing we all live by. In this authority, we will succeed.

BMN Core Value

1. Strength

2. Intelligence

3. Dedication

4. Integrity

BMN Leadership Principles

1. Be a master of yourself (Mind, Spirit, Body).

2. Be the example of greatness.

3. Give respect, demand respect.

4. Never allow someone to limit you.

5. Speak the truth, or not at all.

6. Do no harm, take no shyte.

7. Listen, learn, lead, teach – in that order.

Bold Leadership

Leadership requires bold actions to enact change. As leaders, we do not have the luxury of fear. Leaders have to be connected to the people they lead. Somewhere there is a strong person watching our people be strong so they know how to become better.


In our effort to avoid conflict, Black Americans are in a constant state of competition against the images defined by America because America is in a constant state of war with its own image. People will not know what it means to be Black in America when Americans do not understand what it means to be an American in America.

It is a senseless concept to work many hours to buy someone else’s identity when you have not yet developed an identify of your own. When America find a beneficial value in a person, race is no longer a factor. As people begins to transcend the stereotypical images they advance beyond the boundaries and limitations of race. The value of a dollar is the same regardless of the hands it is in. Therefore, when you are comfortable with my money, you are comfortable with me.

God created us to be us not what someone says we should be. We live in the strongest country in the world, yet fear has compelled Americans into categories of likeness and likeability. Is our country a place that fears uniqueness? Will our men continue to be targeted for the fear of difference and ignorance? NO! Because this is where we teach America to understand and love Americans, not just people in categories of likeness and likeability.

Change minds

Refuse social ignorance by using intelligence to represent the truth while dispelling negative depictions. This is not a mission we will achieve alone. Working together is the best way for everyone to succeed.