Our Pledge 

Organizational Goals

Unite all People

If there is one thing this country has taught me, it’s that people have ability to unite in strength, love, and common cause. The secret to life is living towards your best self because there is nothing better in life than living – God’s greatest gift, freely given. We all need to know this, as it is the one thing we all live by. In this authority, we will succeed. 

BMN Core Value

1.      Strength

2.      Intelligence

3.      Dedication 

4.      Integrity


BMN Leadership Principles

1.  Be a master of yourself (Mind, Spirit, Body).

2.  Be the example of greatness.

3.  Give respect, demand respect.

4.  Never allow someone to limit you.

5.  Speak the truth, or not at all.

6.  Do no harm, take no shyte.

7.  Listen, learn, lead, teach – in that order.

Bold Leadership 

Leadership requires bold actions to enact change. As leaders, we do not have the luxury of fear. Leaders have to be connected to the people they lead. Somewhere there is a strong person watching our people be strong so they know how to become better.