Because race and gender are never disqualifiers.

BMN currently has a performance improvement plans (PIP) to build Black men and reassure our women. While the PIP is initiated for Black men, the easy to follow structure can effortlessly be applied to men of any background. The formula can even be used by single women to turn a boy into a man. This straightforward plan has even been use by schools in East London.

Our reassurance initiative is simply formulated for strong men to rebuild the relationships and confidence with Black women. This initiative is coupled with the Building Black MEN plan to identify and address the issues that break down Black families, starting with the men. We require our men to be leaders of themselves and take responsibility for maintaining the strength and security of their relationships, families, and homes. All of our women are strong intelligent contributor and partners in every portion – acting as the compass for the driving force of our success.

If you are a man or woman who is interested in understanding the opposite sex, then you are in the right place. In this group, we explore the differences between men and women so that we understand what it takes for us to stay together. While this may place the onus of reengaging on men, we know women have responsibilities in the life of our relationships.

History has dealt the Black family a great deal of trauma. This trauma has robbed us of time and opportunities we cannot get back. The traumatic history is not our fault, but the healing process is our responsibility. History may holds the hurt, but the future belongs to us.

Some men and women with trauma hold that hurt because it’s all they know. For some, it is the only form of love they’ve experienced. Because of this, many people do things the way they were done to them. Often it leave people feeling afraid to love. This is where we will end this cycle of hurt, build our men, and strengthen our families.

This is where strong intelligent Black men meet strong and intelligent women for an understanding. We use this engagement as a meeting of sexes to create knowledge and dignity that enhances the love. In turn, this will create faithfulness and continued loyalty from our woman and men. Plant love, grow families.

“Being single is like traveling to an unknown place without GPS. You can do it, but GPS helps like a great partner.” William

“Being a strong independent woman is exhausting. You have the ability to do it all, but it feels great to have help.” Johnese, (aka Necee)

Past Programs

  1. Reduce the Recidivism

BMN has created programs to reduce recidivism rates and return low-level offender to the public. Provided training and education in job search, resume writing, business start, etc. 85% of those that attended the program remained successful.

  1. Rehabilitation of "Low-Level Offenders"

This program aims at reducing recidivism rates among those who have completed, or are close to completing their sentences. It focuses on providing job training and education to help participants find employment upon release from prison. To date, this program has a success rate of over 85%. Out of 73 people in three years, only two (2) have return to incarceration. All others have found jobs, started businesses, and gotten higher education.

  • In the United States, the term "low-level offender" refers to individuals who have committed minor crimes but do not pose a threat to society. This group includes people convicted of marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia charges, driving under the influence, etc.

We ask for your Assistance

Our goal is to bridge cultural gaps of society. We serve the underrepresented intelligent minorities through community involvement, motivational speaking, and displaying positive involvement. As our networks and connection grow, so too will our success. Our success will grow as we engage people and build stronger communities. Foremost, we are about service to you because YOU ARE ONE OF US. So how can we be of service to you, or your organization?