Black Business Highlights

Black Mental Health Alliance| BMHA serves the community and organizations throughout the area by providing workshops and forums covering a range of topics and subjects. We also offer the community an opportunity to connect with culturally-competent and patient-centered licensed mental health clinicians through our expansive referral database.

At Justis Connection, we value Black attorneys and have made it our mission to connect people to the best Black attorneys - no matter what the issue.  We are a compelling force for good in the world, and have built a network of real-life legal eagles and authentic voices. Justis Connection empowers everyone to exercise their legal rights and connect with the best Black attorney to get the job done. 

Connect with Black lawyers and legal information ( 

 Transformational Oasis provides In the human need for self-care, men have very limited spaces in our society where he can be pampered, catered-to, & serviced.  Women get to have all the fun when it comes to grooming and spa-like services. Transformation Oasis is committed to bridging the gap. Man has an itch and 

we are here to administer the scratch! 

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