we unite people

Uniting in strength to show the world something different

A cutural gap bridging organization.

Black MEN Network - Intelligence Working Together, Inc. (BMN - IWT) is a non-profit community support organization for culture gap bridging. We build bridges between corporations, government officials, and the people. We make it easier for millions of people to obtain the unobtainable, and reach the unreachable. 

Since October 2020, BMN – IWT has been a leading nonprofit vested in proper representation and inclusion. We use internal and external relationships to bring resources to communities in need. Bridge gaps to create social capital through interdependence cultural assets

Black men deserve proper representation, and the Black community needs an organization it can trust with its interests. Black MEN Network connects likeminded leaders that are determined to make improvements.  We build bridges that are guaranteed to make it easy to invest in the success of the Black community. Our confident collaborations create inclusive gateways that are proven to achieve positive results - you deserve the same.


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