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A cutural gap bridging organization.

Black MEN Network - Intelligence Working Together, Inc. (BMN - IWT) is a non-profit community support organization for culture gap bridging. We build bridges between corporations, government officials, and the people. We make it easier for millions of people to obtain the unobtainable, and reach the unreachable. 

OUR MISSION: Since October 2020, BMN – IWT has been a leading nonprofit vested in proper representation and inclusion. Our mission is to use education to remove division. BMN lobbies to bring educational resources to under privilege schools. We use internal and external relationships to bring resources to communities in need.


The Black community deserves proper representation and an organization it can trust with its interests. Our collaborations create inclusive gateways for American advancement. With our confident connections and community engagements, we build relationships that bridge cultural gaps. We build bridges that take it easy to invest in the Black community.

Uniting to provide resources to those that need it most. We take a stand against the system that stands against the people. Be part of something greater than yourself. Be one of us.

That's why Black MEN Network. 

Lord William - CEO/Chairman

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WHo is lord william

The CEO of Black MEN Network and the Chairman of Intelligence Working Together. Lord William is a 20 year U.S. Marine that made his country a priority as he served during Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. He trained Marines, soldiers, sailors, and civilians in antiterrorism and force protection. The title of Lordship was gifted to him for his efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic and the creation of The Unified Black Society. His ability to unify people of all races is unmatched. He has a long history of excellence in his inspiring leadership. With his overwhelming confidence, charisma, and southern charm, Lord William stands for the people. He gives Glory to God in everything he does. If you ever meet Lord William, you will never forget him and you will walk awy feeling stronger.

Why we do it

Since the early 1900’s, the image of Black males has been distorted to exaggerate the most negative. Strong intelligent Black men are underrepresented in leadership, investments, intellectual roles, etc. In 2001, Black people accounted for less than 10% of their own image. BMN takes control of our image to produce positive representation.

Studies have shown that intelligent Black men are 5 times more likely to have accumulated social capital. Life expectancy is higher for strong intelligent Black men with a college degree or higher.


Are you looking for a way to make a positive difference in the community? Love Giving is an initiative from the non-profit organization Intelligence Working Together. The movement is dedicated towards helping those in need. We provide essential resources and support to those who need it most. Your donation will help us continue our mission of providing hope and opportunity to those who need it most. Please consider donating today and help us make a difference in our community.

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